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Dec 11, 2005


and 동경재판 the victime of that 재판 isnot war provokers? ok anyway I will study that issue

ok. 내가 정보를 더 알아야 한다는 건 인정해요. 하지만 내말도 꾸며낸 이야기는 아니에요.요.first i have no teacher. no one brainwashed me. i quitted high school and studied and studying by myself. but I never thought i am neutral. and how could be? I'm korean. that's impossible. youre not neutral too. cuz you are japanese. 을사조약, 위안부 문제는 모르면서 우리나라의 잘못만 따지잖아요? my opinion is simple. korean idiom '똥뭍은 개가 벼뭍은 개 나무란다' '賊反荷杖'yes 우리나라도 일본에 해를 끼친적이 있어요. 하지만 일본이 우리를 괴롭힌 것에 비교가 된다고 생각하세요? japan mistake 하고korea mistake는 비교도 안되는 수준이에요.

Do you know 동경재판(東京裁判)? Was this trial right?
Who decided who were criminal? Have you ever thought this problem. After studying this issue, consider it again, and read my review deeply, please. Did you understand what I meant by "calmed being". "Calmed being" is the keyword of this entry.
A dozen native subscribers raved about this entry, so I think there are no grammatical mistake.
I never think that you are stupid. Take it easy! You must have been a good student who believes everything your teachers taught to you.
As I said before, make your eyes open, keep your mind neutral and read many reviews in English.
Next time, I'd like to express my opinion about the abduction by North Korea.

you think I am stupid?
I watched the movie. korean subject 원령공주(sprit princess) and other animation of miyazaki like 센과 치히로, Howl's moving castle in theater. his movie is famous in korea too and I think that culture is good. 죽은 사람 기리는 것은 일본만 아니라 한국도 똑같다. 조선시대에 유교 국가였기 때문에 묘지에 절하고 christian들은 기도를 한다.but important thing is to mourn who? war killers? 야스쿠니 shrine... is not holy shrine 모두는 아니지만 그중에는 전쟁살인자들이 있으니까있으니까

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