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Sep 12, 2009



Most of distorted evidence that were used in the Tokyo Tribunal of War Criminals were made by China. China has been continuing it until now.

You always insist your opinion, but never answer my question reasonably. I wrote like this; There might be some small offenses committed by Japan. Wasn't it enough for you?

Do you know Sir Samuel Falle? Do you know Ahlone Camp?

I don't feel any sincerity in your comments.
Again, I don't want to squander my precious time. Bye!


Did you read one of topics in the website that I introduced the other day?

I don't want to waste my time.

And these stories and evidence of Japanese War Crimes during World War II are not Chinese (communist) propaganda.

They are Indochinese, Indonesian, Dutch, American, Australian, British, Korean, Malaysians, Filipinos, and Singaporean.

You can use the term 'Allied' or 'United Nations' propaganda.

You are conviently forgetting history.

Japan did not go into the Dutch colonies to 'liberate' Indonesians. They went there to 'liberate' raw materials such as oil and rubber. Which they needed because of their war against China.

According to the document 南方占領地行政実施要領 the Japanese strategy in Indonesia (and other islands) had three goals. (1) The maitenence of public order and peace. (2) Procrument of CRUDE OIL and other resources and (3) Self- suffiency of local Japanese forces.

There was also a difference in occupation strategies on the different Indonesian islands. Java which was the largest and most populous island (but had the less raw materials) was treated better. However the islands where raw materials existed (or Chinese people) were treated with an iron fist.

I would like to introduce you to a place called West Kalimantan. In 1943 the Japanese forces began to suspect the Chinese population in Kalimantan were planning a rebellion and between April 23, 1943 and June 28, 1944, more than 21,000 people were murdered by the Japanese Imperial Army.

This is just one clear example. Most of the deaths in Indonesia occured from starvation as a result of the Japanese Army stealing entire rice crops from the population.

According to John Dower in 'War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War' up to 4 million Indonesians died as a result of diverted natural resources and forced labor.

Also between 1942-1945 under the Japanese occupation it was illegal for Indonesians to fly the red and white flag of their country. Why ?

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