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Jun 22, 2013


Dear Magrat
Thank you for your reply and concern. Keep an eye on development of this issue, please.

So. You ask them if they have any documented evidence of forced comfort women, and instead of saying that they do not have any they answer that their sister cities can erect whatever monuments they want. How perfectly enchanting!
Well, it will be a very neat solution to have their Japanese sister city erect their monument next to the Korean one, dedicated to the Korean prostitutes who did not stop working during the war and went on carrying out their professional duties at best they could. This would be a nice one!
But seriously, I think this is a matter to be left to the government. I think the best thing to do would be to inform the corresponding department of the fact and of the answer received from Glendale authorities and see if they can take any measures. Mind you, I doubt that something could be done at the moment, the time is not right yet, but I strongly believe that it will add up to the bill that will eventually have to be paid. One of my favourite proverbs is "The mills of God grind slowly,yet they grind exceeding small" (I do not know what is the Japanese equivalent for this).

Thank you for your comment and I apologize my laziness of posting my reply. Judging from your IP address, you live in Spain. If you feel something about my entries, don't hesitate to post comments from now, and thank you again!!

Well, as to the contents, I fully support it. But what would you? The world has gone mad, I just cannot see what one can do as an individual. It seems that considering lying just a sin does not work, it might be a solution to start considering it a crime. In this case of the comfort women, something can be done on the government level, so I suppose if the Japanese government does not want to put a stop to this double-standard craziness, it is because they have their reasons. Maybe the time has not come yet....
As to the form of the message,I think it would have been better to make it more succinct, especially if it is supposed to be directed to Westerners as well, with their memory span problem.
Thank you very much for posting these materials on the recent Japanese history, it is nice to know that there are people who have not been influenced by the post-war brainwashing.

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