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Jun 12, 2011


Thank you, Shiroi-Tora

I felt relieved to know that you fully understood what I'd like to say. Besides, I got various expressions from your comment as usual. At first, I took "prey" as your mis-typing of "pray" and couldn't catch you. After looking it up in the dictionary, I was surprised and happy to know the meaning. Thank you, again! is their tactics which frequently lead to the hamstringing of themselves...besides, being flat out wrong on certain topics.

The Whales (with a few exceptions) are baleen strainers...they take in huge amounts of water and filter it through their strainers (baleen) to eat their main food source - krill (tiny shrimp) / Zooplankton / Phytoplankton.

This is the basis for the greatest food chain on earth (Phyto / Zooplankton). The O2 on earth mostly comes from the ocean..mostly from the phytoplankton and algae.

Now you have the largest ever living creatures...eating that which supplies almost all of life in tremendous quantities...and those which have a direct negative ramification on all of the higher sea life forms when allowed to propagate unhindered.

By keeping the whale population low (and not wasting the meat), hunting
them serves a dual purpose...immediate sustenance...and greater future harvests of all of the higher sea life forms (which would greatly propagate with larger food supplies available).

ALL higher life forms...must kill to live (yes... even Bambi...plants are alive too).

Once again...the Baleen feeders (Whales) are actually carnivorous (incidental Omnivores) ...krill (small shrimp) is what they favor. By humans consuming is no different from what the whales themselves practice... hunting and killing to eat.

People are so easily lead astray because they have taken critical reasoning our of schools worldwide. Our greatest defense against all of the isms (Marxism - in all of its manifestations / racism / sexism / nepotism / favoritism / ageism...etc) goes on and critical thinking.

I've had many an argument with people where I used to work on such issues. Many think emotionally...and so...they are easily preyed upon by the con men in life...espousing causes with great emotional appeal...with little true substance....and the con men get rich out of it.

Sorry....I'll get off of my soap box is just that this article hit home with me.

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