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Dec 11, 2005


I understand what you mean. There are many good things and bad things in every country. We have to talk with each other about a lot of stuff. Anyway, I'm happy to be able to exchange opinions frankly with you.
Check my blog please, sometimes from now, and tell me what's going on in your daily life as a medical student.
How about blogging?

1. Korea and Vietnam
Our former president Kim Dae Jung officially appologized to Vietnamese people when he visited the country and offered to build a hospital in memory of all those vietnamese who suffered from our wrong-doings. You are right. It is not taught in high school history class but the issue was largely publicized by left wing media in Korea and good many people know about the atrocities Korean soldiers committed during that war.(I know priminister Murayama officialy appologized to Koreans but strangely not that many koreans know of the incident.)

2. Tokyo War Crime Tribunal
As for the war tribunal, those wartime soliders-turned-politicians were labeled as criminals not because they lost the war but bedause they are the ones who attacked US first.
I fully acknowledge how deep a wound Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing had left in you people. I fully sympathize with Japanese on that. However, who suffered more is not the question here. The point was to put those who started the war on trial and make them pay so that similar thing won't happen in the future.

I certialy agree with you on that Matteo may have been influenced heavily by Korean media's brainwashing but there's an equal chance that you may have been influenced by Japan's right wing rhetorics. (especially on the point that which country ultimately suffered the most from the war)

>남한과 일본이 서로 공격만 할게 아니라 서로의 잘못도 인정해야 돼요

I think so from the bottom of my heart, and I want your Government talk sincerely.
Do you know the book of the origin of 위안부 문제(慰安婦問題) and what the writer said after years? Do you know what did your army do during the Vietnam War? I think you didn't learn it in your textbook of history. Before accusing Japan, your country should apologize Vietnam.
Anyway, re-examaine what you had heard in your country about these issues.

War criminals must be judged by the law, you know. Say what law judged them! Are the leaders of the country that lost a war always the war criminals? Why did Japan attack the US? Have you ever thought it? I think the worst war criminal in the World War 2 is the US who killed the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs.
If you visit Hiroshima city, I'm sure that your way of thinking changes completely.
See "Let's look at the special exibit" in the left column of this blog.
남한과 일본이 서로 공격만 할게 아니라 서로의 잘못도 인정해야 돼요. I think so and Japan has good relations with other Asian countries.
Why other Asian countries (except China, N&S Korea) don't accuse Japan? Japan attacked many countries in the WW2. Why only 3 countires accuse Japan now? They are going to accuse Japan forever?

I'd like to end this talk, because I have much more secure evidences than you have and I'm not going to accuse you. You are honest and you love your country. It's great.
Thank you for taking a time to consider these issues.

calm being means 죽은 영혼들을 달래서 나쁜 영혼이 되는 걸 막는단 뜻이죠? 맞아요 문화적 차이가 있어요. 우리는 나쁜 사람이 죽으면 mourn하지 않아요. 하지만 일본은 그들이 생전에 어떤사람이었든지 똑같이 기린다는 말이죠? ok i unterstand.

abduction by North Korea는 나도 좋게 생각하지 않아요. 남한사람도 북한의 핵개발이라든지 단독적 도발따위는 매우 경멸해요. 북한이 일본사람만 납치한 게 아니에요. 남한사람도 납치했어요. 신상옥 감독을 납치해서 북한에서 영화도 만들게 했어요.

남한과 일본이 서로 공격만 할게 아니라 서로의 잘못도 인정해야 돼요.

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