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    Ski Tour to Canada and Accidental Tour to Korea

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    50th Birthday Party 50歳の誕生日をネットの仲間が祝ってくれました。我が家でバーベキューをしています。


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    2010春 次女とフライブルクから日帰り旅行 詰め込んでます。少しずつ整理してゆきます。

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Feb 24, 2012


Appreciate your precious opinion. To tell the truth, I sometimes regard religions as NUISANCE, hearing the news of religious terror. So much blood has been shed in the name of religion since ancient times.

I am Atheist ( "A" as in not - simply non theist). Morals were formalized, and taught, by the Philosophers... hundreds of years before any of the world's major religions even came into being (and were practiced long before...they are the guidelines for groups of people to be able to work together...without which progress would have degraded in to wars...or a society which would have stymied). It is religion which had incorporated the philosophers' morals. Many people mistakenly believe that unless you are religious, you are somehow amoral...and some even falsely presume you are immoral.

I have been asked many times in my life which religion I practiced. When I told them I was not religious...they had a dumbfounded look on their face. It was at this point that I realized that they were under the impression that only the religious had morals. That dumbfounded me. So many focus on the small meaningless details of their religion to the detriment of the overall message. The key being...the living of it...not the mere preaching of it.

This is not to say I am against TRUE religion (living it) or its practitioners...on the contrary...a truly religious person is seeking self mastery through a very disciplined life. They are internal warriors...and ones whom are to be respected for their sense of self denial and goodwill to all they meet. To constantly improve yourself and to help those around you, as well as benefiting society... is living a moral life. The reason then... does not matter. They are all paths to the top of the same mountain. Which particular path chosen is the freedom of choice that so many people wish for themselves...and frequently...wish to deny others.

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