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May 17, 2014


I couldn't take snaps of Onsen, because there were other people. Now, I'm planning another wonderful trip in summer. I'll take lots of pictures of the real Japan's ONSEN!

I think that such places are heavenly, not just for its location with its beautiful starry nights, but for its simple rustic charm. Delicious local cuisine in a friendly setting adds up to a very nice getaway, especially for urbanites, as you have stated.

In the first picture, I can almost hear the cicadas.

In the second picture, my stomach ached for such a delicious looking meal. In all the world, I think that Japanese food is simply the best.

In the third picture, I can just imagine the friendly discussion going on while they are enjoying their meals.

The night shot shows how night should glowing city lights to disturb the serenity. Although I have lived in suburban communities most of my life, I love country living the most.

The last photo made me laugh. There is no doubt as to the spiciness of its contents. Let me see...a large red pepper...a dragon breathing fire...and Oh! SPICY :)

One of my regrets is never having visited an Onsen. I keep hearing wonderful things about them from my wife's parents. They go to one often. Next time we visit them, I must be sure I go to one.

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